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PONANT is the world leader in luxury expeditions, with ultra-modern, small ships, offering attentive services and immersive itineraries that touch all corners of the world. PONANT has been sailing the seven seas for 35 years. Each cruise is a blend of adventure, exploration, and discovery – allowing every traveler to experience luxurious comfort, even in the heart of the most remote regions.


Can cruising be more environmentally responsible?

At MSC Cruises we believe it can be. From introducing the cleanest marine fuel available on our latest ships to our state-of-the-art water treatment facilities, we’re putting environmental responsibility at the heart of everything we do. To preserve the sea we call home, and change cruising for good.

Our new cruise ships are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at sea. From cleaner technologies to innovative restaurant concepts, our growing fleet is a statement of our commitment to the future of this planet

Discover the Future of Cruising with MSC Cruises

Our Exclusives

With our global expertise, we’ll help you plan your cruise so you can discover each destination exactly as you like.


We’ve traveled around the globe, and we want to use our expertise to help you create the perfect cruise.


We’ll make your adventure even more marvelous with credit you can spend on excursions, massages, and more.


Spend every minute of your voyage in relaxed bliss – we’ll take care of every detail so you don’t have to.

PONANT Explorers
    The PONANT Explorers series successfully manages to subtly combine the desire to explore the most remote regions of the planet with the comfort and privacy of a cozily, intimate ship. To the innovative and environmentally friendly equipment are added elegant design and a unique atmosphere in keeping with the whole PONANT universe. Passengers’ dreams of a cruise onboard a luxurious, small ship are made possible through the combination of an authentically genuine voyage experience and discreet opulence.
    The Sisterships epitomise the unique feel and atmosphere of the ships of the PONANT fleet. Subtly combining luxury, intimacy and serene well-being, the ships have been designed to offer passengers both moments of conviviality and spaces conducive to peaceful tranquillity and a sense of escape and getting away from it all. Their exterior and interior lines testify to the ingeniousness and refinement with which the Sisterships have been designed.
Luxury Icebreaker

Le Commandant Charcot, the world’s only luxury icebreaker, opens the gateways to the highest latitudes of the Arctic and furthest reaches of the Antarctic. Embark for a faraway polar odyssey combining exploration with science, and become experts in these regions that for centuries have stirred the imaginations of the greatest adventurers. See this captivating and wondrous part of the world for yourself.

Sailing Ship

The newly refurbished sailing yacht, Le Ponant, offers an experience close to that of a private yacht, with only 16 staterooms on board. Travel far off the beaten path, enjoy the delights of quiet and little-visited ports of call, marvel at iconic sites and seek out exceptional scenery, and enjoy a slower way to travel with the sails unfurled.

The PONANT Signature

The Azamara experience, gives you more time in ports and more overnight stays than other cruise lines, so you can spend more time immersed in each destination’s culture, cuisine, scenery, and people.
The ships sail to to ports where larger ships won’t fit, such as the heart of Venice, Amalfi, and Crete, or even to the doorstep of Bangkok (other large cruise lines dock a few hours away). More time to explore? It’s the Azamara difference.

Sophisticated Ambiance

From globally inspired cuisine to luxurious common areas onboard small and intimate ships, PONANT voyages are designed to offer you a serene break in a refined atmosphere, whether you opt for the calm of a yachting cruise or the adventure of an expedition cruise.

Exceptional Quality

Embark on an immersive experience — a blend of luxury, exploration, and comfort, adventure, and refinement — even in the heart of the world’s most remote regions. Polar, tropical, or subtropical expeditions — from the Antarctic to Papua New Guinea, PONANT will take travelers as close as possible to pristine nature and ancestral cultures, far from the crowded maritime routes.

Unique Experiences

PONANT and Smithsonian Journeys, the travel program of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex, are embarking toward a new frontier together, with a collection of unique travel experiences focused on culture, history, and the natural world. These curated itineraries celebrate PONANT’s inherent instinct to explore

Legendary Sailing

PONANT’s ships are not only the newest, most elegant, and most comfortable small vessels in the world today, they are also, the most eco-friendly. They are the only ones in their class to be certified “Clean Ships” by Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s foremost stewards of ecologically sound travel.